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The term “boutique hotel” has been widely used in recent years, but what does it mean and why should you stay in one?

There are lots of companies that claim to specialise in boutique hotels. For many, a boutique hotel is simply one that’s not part of a national or international chain and that distinguishes itself by its design, location or additional features. Many hotels aspire to be a boutique hotel without actually achieving it. Overall, there are four main elements to the true boutique hotel:


Large hotels can be cool, trendy and chic, but they can’t be boutique. Just as the word is used to describe small, design-led specialist shops, so it applies to hotels. Hotels that apply the term “boutique” to themselves or have it ascribed to them are usually small – certainly less than 50 rooms and in some cases with only one or two. Their size contributes to the atmosphere and service that characterises a hotel with a difference. Whilst size might count in terms of the number of rooms, it doesn’t follow that those rooms must also be small. In fact, a hotel than could easily accommodate 20 rooms might choose instead to create just ten, but make them spacious and luxurious, catering to the boutique market.


When the first boutique hotel was opened in New York in 1984, by hotel entrepreneurs Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell, it was praised for its original design and quirky nature. Designed for those who really wanted to participate in their travel rather than passively take it all in, Morgans, and those that followed it, challenged the way we thought about hotels. Although Schrager would not now describe his hotels as boutique, the name has been applied to those hotel who followed in his footsteps as far as design is concerned. From clean and contemporary to themed rooms and classic elegance, a boutique hotel must have a clear design theme and attention to detail.


The hallmark of an excellent boutique hotel is its service. Whether the hotel chooses to assign a personal butler to each guest, or just hires and trains staff to anticipate your every need, the service at a boutique hotel is really what it should be at any hotel: ensuring that your stay goes without a hitch, that you can get transport, opera tickets or excellent meals when you want them and making you feel at home rather than feeling like you’re a nuisance. Boutique hotels are scattered all over the world, from 24-hour cities like New York, London and Rio De Janeiro to island havens in the Indian or Pacific Oceans. What often sets them apart are the buildings that contain them. From former plantation houses to old textile mills, towers and palazzos, the type of building often forms the basis of the design and it is the blend of architecture, design and service that turns what could be just another hotel into a boutique one.

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Family Safari Vacation To The Home Of The Gods

When choosing a static caravan you will probably look for the holiday park which meets your requirements and then move onto the caravan. Selecting the right holiday park is vital to ensure a long term ownership.

Now for the caravan and looking for the right caravan to suit your needs. Most of the Parks will deal with majority of the manufacturers. If buying directly from the park you will probably deal with a salesperson instead of direct with the manufacturers. You can collect brochures direct from the manufacturers to research all the models and specifications which will not only ensure you choose the correct model but also help you to understand what to look for and choice of different models. To see the caravan you can visit them at key caravan exhibitions as most top manufacturers will display there, see events.

The static holiday caravan has been designed for holiday use instead of full time living. With its modern construction and use of high quality materials the static caravan should be built to British and European standard: BS EN 1647 but some luxury caravans are built to BS 3632 confirming to residential standards.

Normal static caravan can come in either one or two sections with width up to 22ft and 60ft long. If you have a one piece model this is a single unit and the two piece is known as a twin and usually assembled on site.

Decide on how many bedrooms you require as most caravans can be from 2 to 4 bedrooms but up to eight berths. Manufactures will normally have their own layout but will offer a number of ranges depending on your budget.

When it comes to size and specifications you should not only look at all of your own needs but if you are sub letting then there maybe other requirements. This decision should be looked at before purchase, maybe make a list of what you need and what is needed for sub letting.

Budget will normally make your decision also how often you use the caravan and again if you going to sublet. If you will be there for long periods of time then it may be worth spending a little extra to gain more living space or an extra bedroom but if only there for short periods and subletting you may opt for the standard size and specifications hopefully providing you with a better return.

Bryce Canyon A Stunning Us Travel Destination

Don’t leave your shopping to the last minute. The more time you have to shop around, the more you can negotiate. It’s difficult to find bargains under pressure, so leave plenty of time to work with wedding vendors. Never hire the first vendor you meet. You should always make your decision based on several vendors.

Avoid a Saturday wedding. Saturday is the busiest wedding day of the week, and the most expensive. If you can try to have a Sunday or Friday wedding.

When you pay your bills use a credit card with a reward program. You have 30-days to pay the bill, in addition, you might earn enough miles to cover your flight to your honeymoon destination. Avoid the busy summer wedding season. You might be able to get better deals during the fall and winter months. You might be able to wear your mother’s or your grand mother’s wedding dress. In addition to saving a bundle, but you also might make you mother very happy. Buy a sample wedding dress or rent your wedding gown. Hire businesses you know to get a great deal. If you have a friend who is a musician, a photographer, a caterer, try to work out a deal with them. If you want to save a lot of money, hire a non-wedding photographer. Almost any good photographer should be able to do a good job photographing your wedding.

Buy your wedding accessories from non-wedding professionals. Many of your wedding accessories might be available at non-wedding vendors. Shop online. You can more effectively comparison shop online than trying to visit your local bridal shops.

Work with a wedding reception venue that allows you to provide your own alcoholic beverages. In addition to the obvious savings, you can return the unopened bottles to the store.

Work with an airline to get a group discount on the plane tickets for your wedding guests. Your wedding guests will appreciate the savings, and you might save on your plane ticket to your honeymoon destination.

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Tourism Is Back In Full Swing In Cancun Mexico

It is not always possible to jet off half way around the world when you and your significant other are wishing to go off on a private and romantic getaway. The great news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or go very far to get away from everyone and everything. You can find cheap romantic vacations nearby, and you may not have to look much further than the Internet to find great packages that you can afford.

You may think of creepy resorts when you think of cheap romantic vacations, but you can leave these to the movies. You can usually find a great bed and breakfast near you that will offer you privacy and romance at an amazingly low price. You may only have to drive an hour to get away, and you will find that you love the romance such a setting will provide to you. These cheap romantic vacations are often set in rural areas that offer natural beauty and small town charm. You won’t even have to leave your room to enjoy either one.

You can also find cheap romantic vacations if you look online for discount travel sites. These sites have packages that are meant just for lovers, and they know what you need when you are looking for cheap romantic vacations. You may find something that jets you off to another part of the country for a short three or four-day getaway that affords you what you need at a price you can afford. Cheap doesn’t mean it will be cheesy for the most part. Although, when you are looking to save some money on a trip, you do really have to watch out. My honeymoon was ruined because I didn’t look into things like I should have.

When you are offered packages for cheap romantic vacations make sure you check up on what you are being offered before you sign on the dotted line. There are some places that misrepresent what they are, and you don’t want to be disappointed when you get there. Look online for reviews of each place from others who have gone there for cheap romantic vacations and see what they have to say. If the place seems to have disappointed more than one couple, you should definitely think twice before you go there. If you find this is the case, keep looking. Something better will pop up if you keep searching.

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From Wetlands To Canals And Dams Amsterdam Is Alive

Texas Holdem is by far the most common for of poker played today due to is popularity there are even several TV shows of the game. Besides being popular texas Holdem is also the best game for a beginner to learn, the game can be learned after a few minutes and afte just a few hours of practice you can be playing fairly well against other beginners, but to really get good you must play often.

Texas Holdem is by far the most common for of poker played today due to is popularity there are even several TV shows of the game. Besides being popular texas Holdem is also the best game for a beginner to learn, the game can be learned after a few minutes and afte just a few hours of practice you can be playing fairly well against other beginners, but to really get good you must play often.

Texas Holdem is played the same way in the casino, online casinos and in your home with your pals.

Texas Holdem is played in the following manner:

1. Betting structures can vary. In Texas Holdem rarely are antes used. Most Texas Holdem games start with first two players on the dealers left placing predetermined bets. These players are called the small and large blind, and their bets are called posting the blinds.

2. Each player receives 2 cards face down. These cards are called you pocket cards and they are the only cards that are unique to you.

3. After each player is dealt their hole cards a round of betting takes place starting with the player to the left of the 2 blinds this round of betting is called the pre-flop. Just like in any other poker game a player can call raise of fold during their turn.

4. After the Pre-Flop round is over the dealer will remove the top card from the deck and discard it, this is called the Burn Card. This is done to make sure that no cheating is done. The dealer will then turn over 3 cards in the center of the table. This round is called the Flop. Any player may use any of these cards to make the best 5 card hand possible, but you are not allowed to actually touch the cards, each player can use the same cards if it help them, this is why your hole cards are so important.

5. As with the pre-flop there is now another round of betting, it is at this point you will start to see players folding.

6. After the betting is over, the dealer will burn another card, then deal the fourth of the communal cards. This card is called the Turn card

7. Again another round of betting begins and now is when you will start to see the size of the pot really grow.

8. One last time the dealer burns the top card before turning over the last card of the game, called the River card. Players now have all 5 of the communal cards and their own hole card to make the best 5 card hand.

9. One last chance is given to raise the bets or get out of the game. After this each player still in the game will show their cards. This is called the Showdown. The player with the best hand is declared the winner and wins the pot.

Now that you know the basic order of the game you are ready to start playing Texas Holdem. Holdem is a simple game to learn but if hard to master. This is the part that will take you many hand and many dollars, but if you put in the time you will be rewarded for it.

Take A Romantic Break In A Boutique Hotel

Las Vegas has more than 100,000 hotel rooms to choose from. There is something for every budget, and enough entertainment within walking distance to keep anyone occupied for months, never mind the usual weekend stay or honeymoon. There are few cities which have as many luxury hotels as Las Vegas.

For travellers searching for top of the line accommodation, try the Four Seasons Las Vegas. It offers an oasis of tranquil elegance, comfort, luxury, and seclusion. Though it has no in-house casino, it is adjacent to Mandalay Bay Casino. Four Seasons Las Vegas is a tranquil retreat from the bustling city. This hotel offers 424 rooms are located on floors 35-39, and the views from the floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the famous Las Vegas Strip. The Business Center and Concierge service at this hotel have an extremely good reputation for meeting special needs of guests, such as arranging limousine services on a moment’s notice.

The Bellagio, a Las Vegas landmark, is a five-star hotel located on the 122-acre site of the legendary Dunes Hotel and Golf Course at the corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvds. It contains one of the most attractive casinos in Las Vegas as well as numerous shops and restaurants. Bellagio’s world-famous fountains combine opera, classical and whimsical music with a breathtaking water and light show. The Conservatory & Botanical Gardens holds rows of exotic plants and flowers with unique displays for every season and holiday. It’s an inviting location for a honeymoon photo opportunity.

Caesars Palace is the long-standing epitome of Las Vegas luxury hotels. It holds the famous Forum Shops, Spago, an Imax theater, and a new shopping wing and tower. For those guests who want to relax and be pampered, this hotel offers the Spa at Caesars, Venus the Salon, and the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis.

Caesars also offers guests access to the exclusive Cascata Golf Club. It features mountain scenery, beautiful waterfalls and rivers, and panoramic views combined with challenging holes and velvety greens to produce a golfing experience unparalleled anywhere else in the world. No expense has been spared, from the opulent clubhouse and pro shop to the personal and attentive service personel. Cascata was named listed as #56 by Golfweek Magazine in its article “2004 America’s Best Top 100 Modern Courses”. Golfweek also listed Cascata as #2 in Nevada in their list of “America’s Best State-by-State Public Access Courses”. In addition to be being named in Golfweeks America’s Best Modern Courses, Gary Galyean at Golf Magazine named Cascata #19 in the “Top 45 Courses Since 1959″.

Luxor is a Nile-theme hotel which features a sphinx and a large pyramid which has become a Las Vegas landmark. The Pyramid has 2,256 rooms with 236 Spa suites, two in each corner of every floor. The rooms are reached by inclinating elevators which travel sideways at a 39-degree angle up 30 stories. The Luxor features a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment.

Mandalay Bay is a tropical-theme new resort offering visitors the chance to walk inside a plexiglass tunnel through the Shark Reef Aquarium, which holds sharks and rays. The hotel has a 30,000 square foot world-class Spa Mandalay and the 11 acre Mandalay Beach pool complex. The House of Blues music theatre has a seating capacity of approximately 1,800, and plays host to an eclectic mix of live music. The Mirage Hotel is has an exploding volcano and a 20,000 gallon aquarium the greet guests as they enter this luxury hotel. The large pool complex has a quarter mile of shoreline along two large pools and smaller lagoons, and features a grotto and waterslides. The 2.5-million-gallon Dolphin Habitat is home to a family of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.

The Mirage Hotel Tiger Habitat is the open-air home of Siegfried & Roy’s Royal White Tigers, available for viewing by the public during the day and evening. The tigers’ environment features a swimming pool with fountains and simulated mountain terrain. Unlike conventional tigers, which have black and gold markings, white tigers are white with black stripes, pink paws and ice-blue eyes.

Visitors can find French-themed shopping and dining at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. It has a replica of the Arc De Triomphe and a half-scale Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower Experience allows guests to ride 460 feet to the top to see a stunning, panoramic view of the valley. Paris is not the only European city recreated in miniature. The Venetian, renowned for its spacious and luxurious rooms, has gondolas in the midst of Las Vegas, as well as the Grand Canal Shoppes, a 500,000 square foot shopping plaza complete with cobblestone streets and beautiful traditional venetian style storefronts. The Grand Canal Shoppes host Streetmosphere, a cast of Carnivale street performers and opera singers.

For bargain hunters, the Rio hotel is not the newest or most elaborate building in town, but this all-suite Las Vegas hotel just off the Strip was rated No. 1 in value by Cond      

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Five Tips For Low Cost Holidays

In the heart of the French Alps, in the north east of the Rhone Alps region lies the village of Les Houches. Nestled at one end of the Chamonix valley in the Mont Blanc region of the Haute Savoie Les Houches had long been the considered a mere satellite village of its much more illustrious neighbour Chamonix – the world capital of skiing and mountaineering. Of course the locals knew better and many high mountain guides, ski instructors and pisteurs had long since migrated to this quite and peaceful corner of the Chamonix valley – drawn as much, perhaps, by it’s magnificent setting at the foot of Mont Blanc, it’s peace, tranquillity and traditional ambience as its more affordable property. However, it wasn’t long before the resort became recognised as a little gem in the centre of the Mont Blanc Massif and tourism bloomed due in a large part to Les Houches’ incredibly easy access to and from Geneva airport. It wasn’t always so. It was only with the construction of the new road between Le Fayet and Chamonix during 1860-70, and then with the arrival of the train in 1901, that Les Houches began to open up to summer tourism. It was then that Les Houches became a small holiday retreat and the first hotels and holiday homes began to appear. Les Houches first started as a winter destination with the construction of the Bellevue cable car in 1936-7. From the 1960s the growing tourism development led to the construction of new lift systems. But, it was with the digging of the Mont Blanc tunnel (1959-65) and the completion of the Route Blanche motorway in 1990 which opened up the village of Les Houches to the rest of Europe.

Situated at a height of 1000 metres Les Houches is a pleasant family resort with an exceptional panorama of the Chamonix Aiguilles which encircle the Chamonix valley. The village is made up of a number of small hamlets, with numerous old farms and chapels and enjoys fantastic 360      

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The Untold Secret To TRAVEL In Less Than Ten Minutes

Why not let someone else worry about Christmas and New Year this year and book a last minute stay in a hotel over the festive period. Forget about buying the food, cooking the dinner, washing it up or organising the New Year party – just relax and concentrate on spending time with your loved ones. It’s not too late to down tools – short break specialist Superbreak still has availability for those wanting a real rest this year. From a candlelit dinner for two to a trip to the local pantomime there is something for everyone.

Examples include:

CHRISTMAS – Three nights in the Lake District –      

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